Kustom EGO, More Expensive Smartphone in The World Speaks in Spanish

The mentality of the society has been changing in recent times around the main material needs. Today the car is no longer the object of desire of all young people, who now sigh by having his pockets of best and most exclusive smartphone on the market.

However, it had always regarded the car as a basic aspect when it comes to mark the economic level of certain social classes, but the trend has changed, so it is logical that they appear Smartphones aimed at wealthier classes, you are looking for exclusivity through precious materials and costs.

With the premise that the world of luxury is the only one that knows no crisis, and examples of Vertu or Tonino Lamborghini in the retina, the Spanish firm Kustom Mobile launches the conquest of the luxury phone market officially presenting the Kustom EGO.

We are talking about an exclusive smartphone, which comes with the title of most expensive smartphone in the world, and of which only be manufactured 977 units all custom-made and with certificate of authenticity, custom to taste of any lucky buyer who is willing to disburse a figure from 8.977 euros to get one, but which can be multiplied up to 35,000 euros.

Design of jewelry and noble materials

Kustom was created to bring to market new products that allow Merge jewelry, exclusivity, and technology, and thanks to the expert hands of a team of craftsmen allowed manufacture this device in the most noble materials.

Not in vain, in the catalogue of customizing their exclusive buyers may choose are materials such as gold, silver, or titanium, as well as the possibility of crimping gemstones in the frame or record to the text messages. With six different finishes:

  • Aluminum mirror and frame of white gold
  • Titanium-frame in silver with crystals
  • Titanium anodized color “raspberry pink” in pink gold-framed
  • Titanium anodized gold framed in silver with crystals
  • Gold framed in silver anodized titanium
  • Black anodized titanium with gold frame

Rating the design is complicated, since we speak about a subjective aspect, although Kustom guys sought a plot curve in your back cover inspired by nature, trying to evoke the look of the dunes in the desert.

Personally, and if they put a gun to the head, it would surely recognize that its design looks dangerously like a Nexus 5, thing as you can see it corroborates also your hardware, although with a casing of precious materials.

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Hardware only sufficient, but with exclusive software services

The chosen hardware, we can only put a sufficient Kustom ego, something unforgivable for a device that is intended to sell a whopping almost 9,000 euros, in its price basis without extras or additives.

As we have already mentioned, it is of exactly the same Nexus 5 platform, a terminal solvent and capable but that It has been a year and a half of travel market, too much time on mobile telephony. In addition, we talk about repeat the hardware of a terminal that is sold below 400 euros at its launch.

Kustom EGO has a multi-touch panel manufactured with technology IPS, 5 inch and FullHD resolution, encouraged by the famous chipset Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 running at 2.26 GHz.

The RAM is 2 GB, while the internal storage goes up to 32 GB, but does not allow extensions through external microSD card. The device has obviously complete connectivity to LTE, with Bluetooth, WiFi and aGPS support GLONASS.

Cameras are the main 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and 1.3 megapixel camera the front, while the battery stays in the 2,300 mAh, without the possibility of access to it for a quick replacement.

Where if wanted put Kustom focus on software, as the device is equipped with a version of Android customized by the manufacturer add exclusive services tailored specifically to the world of luxury, services which, unfortunately, we do not know, because although we have tried to contact the manufacturer for more information about them, time not we’ve got response.

We assume that they will be applications similar to those used by Vertu, that takes much advantage to these services for luxury, but no doubt will be a negative element that will change completely the use of Android “Pure Google” experience, besides that it’s a real nuisance for future updates.

And you, have already put to shake your wallets?