Is Android Wear 2.0: New Smartwatch Hype on the Horizon?

With the LG watch sports and the LG watch style Google presents also Android wear 2.0. The new watch OS coming soon for many other Android Smartwatches. Learn what watches get the new OS.

Google’s new Smartwatch operating system: Android wear 2.0 introduced

With wear of Android 2.0, Google introduces a new update, that will arouse the Smartwatch market very. Because in addition to the new LG watch sports LG watch style and older receive Smartwatches with the new version of the operating system Android wear. It is a date set: Android wear 2.0 for a number of Smartwatches to come on February 15.

These devices get Android wear 2.0

  • ASUS Zenwatch 2
  • ASUS Zenwatch 3
  • Casio smart outdoor watch
  • Casio PRO Trek smart
  • Fossil Q co-founder
  • Fossil Q Marshal
  • Fossil Q hiking
  • Huawei watch
  • LG watch R
  • LG watch urban
  • LG watch urban 2nd Edition LTE
  • Michael Kors access Smartwatch
  • Moto 360 2nd Gen
  • Moto 360 for women
  • Moto 360 sports
  • New balance RinIQ
  • Nixon mission
  • Polar M600
  • TAG Heuer connected

On this list you will find the Smartwatches for which the update was already officially confirmed. In the Smartwatches it is similar for Smartphones: the hardware is too old, the update cannot be installed. So Android wear 2.0 supports approximately Payment system Android pay – Yes this works only with NFC.

Mobile payment: Apple pay, Android pay, mPass, MyWallet, NFC

First watches with Android wear 2.0: LG watch sports and LG watch style

According to vaultedwatches, the new Smartwatches from LG come directly with the new operating system. In our initial assessment, we take a look at the hardware specs and check the data in the LG watch sport For you. So far, the new Google Smartwatch looks promising – if however with the other models of Leaderboard shows that can keep then in the test. Should you want to wait for it, but a new Smartwatch need or want: all models have we already tested and collected for you.