Ice Cream Sandwich on 19 October and Many Applications, The Invasion Android

After the cancellation of the initial event of Prime Nexus and a few news about possible dates already have the official: October 19. This day Google will definitely present Ice Cream Sandwich and the new Nexus Prime. We’ll see what brings us the new version of the operating system but us has already warned Larry Page that gonna be amazing.

Others of the protagonists of this week has been Samsung. On the one hand it has begun in Australia a particular marketing campaign to counter sales of iPhone 4S. Although while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remains prohibited in this country, however in the case of the Netherlands it seems that she managed to unlock the legal situation with an update that would prevent demand for patents. Have also emerged rumors about the Samsung Galaxy SIII although as I say: are nothing more than rumours.

Beyond Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung this week We’ve talked about many applications Engadget Android. Gameloft has released for free on the Android Market Let completo Golf 3 HD. Rockstar has announced that GTA III will arrive to a few terminals. We have also seen Wannataxi, an application to look for a taxi from our mobile and if we are interested in the keyboard for tablets Alkar brings us a complete analysis of Swiftkey Tablet X.

Our colleague Txema has brought us an overview of five applications to find the best places for leisure, some essential for weekends. We have also seen as the application of Google Translate has updated and finally, and no less important, have spoken of ROU Launcher, a spectacular launcher for customize the interface of our Android.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.