How to Change and Set Default in Android Applications

It tends to be very common to have several applications of the same type, such as various Web browsers, editors of images, media players or applications of SMS to cite some examples, installed on our Android device and the most normal thing is that we want that you for certain actions a given application will be opened by default.

So the Android operating system allows us to configure the default applications so we don’t have to be selecting between all of our applications which open at all times.

Open with

When the operating system detects that we have more than one application that can be opened to perform an action it will ask which application use with window “Open with”. In that same window we can convert our favorite application in default application selected and pressing in “Siempre”.

Set default applications

Another way to configure the applications default Android is access to Settings > applications and click on the gear icon of Advanced options. There in the section Default applications We can change that default application we want to be our application launcher, browser, phone and SMS.

Delete values by default from an application

If we no longer want to start an application in concrero by default only have to go to Settings > applications and click on the torque application access to your information. In “Open by default” you will find the option to delete the values by defect the operating system to ask us again that application open to using a certain action.

Reset preferences of all applications

If you want any application to be used by default what we have to do is go in Settings > applications Click on Menu and select “Reset preferences. To confirm all default applications, applications disabled, disabled notifications, restrictions of permissions and restrictions of mobile data will be removed.

Open links by default

From 6.0 Android Marshmallow can also select applications we want them to open in certain links websites. For example, Twitter links are opened with the official Twitter application instead of the web browser.

To do this we have to go to Settings > applications > advanced options and in “Opening links” or “Links of applications”, select the application and change its behavior in “Open compatible links”. There we can select “Open this application”, “Always ask” and “Not open in this application”:

  • Open this application: compatible links will always open with this application.
  • Always ask: the operating system will ask that application open that link.
  • Do not open this application: the links with this application will not open.