Google Turns History Book “In The Plex”

Not only is the life and work of Steve Jobs which will become a book. The story and the scenes Google arrived in bookstores in the US and UK this week thanks to American journalist specializing in technology Stephen Levy, who is writing a book about the whole web giant powerful.

Given the title of “In The Plex: How Google thinks, works and shapes our lives” (In the Plex: How Google thinks, works and shapes our lives, in Portuguese), the book gives special attention to the close relationship of the ubiquitous of searches with Apple, such as the refusal of Steve Jobs to become CEO of the company (making room for Eric Schmidt), and the way Android was panned by the apple company. According to the author, the motto “do not be evil” Google has come to be called “nonsense” (a politically correct translation) by Jobs at a time of more tempers flared.

The turbulent events of January 2010, in which Google accused the Chinese government of privacy violations and human rights, are also entitled to some chapters. Among the problems revealed are the dismissal of an executive from its headquarters in Beijing, accused of presentar some local authorities with iPods, practice deemed inappropriate by the matrix.

Those interested, the book is now on sale out there. In Amazon costs affordable US $ 13.98 (R $ 22).