Creator of FarmVille Begins to Leave MySpace

The Zynga, the company responsible for developing pests games social as the ubiquitous Farmville is quietly abandoning the Myspace social network has been fever on the web and now has several dozen users around the world.

The first title to be drawn from the social network is the game Mafia Wars, which now displays a statement to MySpace members asking them to migrate to the ‘official’ version of the game, hosted directly on The company currently offers six games to users of Myspace, against 19 available to members of Facebook, the flavor of the social networks.

Officially launched in January 2004, MySpace was sold to News Corp. in July 2005 for the paltry sum of $ 580 million and reached its peak between the years 2007 and 2008, while still facing a healthy competition with Facebook and came to have value the market evaluated in healthy US $ 12 billion. Since then the network has faced repeated drops of popularity, getting to lose 10 million visitors only between the last months of January and February. Currently the site receives 34 million visitors every month and is valued at “only” $ 385 million.