Can Liquid Damaged Mobiles Get New Life-a Company Trying

Danish Insurance service must be for an insurance company trying to repair damaged mobiles that are abandoned by the others.

The Danish company, Danish Insurance service, has just signed a large contract with an insurance company, to repair the damaged mobile phones and computers from customers in the tv and radio outlets.

Danish Insurance service has been successful with a new technology that can make life in the equipment others have abandoned.

The company has become, as a collaboration between five companies in Holstebro. With Danish Insurance service, they can then take advantage of each other’s expertise and gain greater tasks in the House.

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Only one of the big telecommunications companies in the Nordic region receives each year 50,000 damaged mobile phones, but there is hope for many of them.

In future, Danish Insurance service each year repairing approximately 3,000 computers and phones for an insurance company.

The secret of their success is water, chemicals and, in some cases, dry ice. Danish Insurance service is started with the development of a special head cleaning machine, which will make it even easier to clean damaged electronics.