Archos 40 Cesium Practice Test: Cheaper Windows Phone Entry

Bottom line: The ARCHOS 40 cesium presents itself in the test as a classic device for dough. The quality of the workmanship and the camera are off for a Smartphone around 80 euro solid, decent battery life. In terms of performance, the Windows phone shows barely sufficient, the display fails.

Archos 40 Cesium: Lots Of Accessories For The Price

Not only with affordable smartphones, manufacturers save like the accessories. Archos, however, attaches its WP mobile useful Gadgets: included in addition to the Quick Guide and standard headphones include a SIM card adapter for the dual-SIM slot, as well as two different battery cover in neon yellow and metallic blue. The case leaves a solid impression, looking at but clearly the price mobile phone according to

Archos 40 Cesium: Endurance Windows Phone

The ARCHOS holds good 7:25 hours 40 cesium in spite of the relatively small 1,700 mAh battery in the surf test. That should be especially on the relatively dark 4-inch display, which resolves with 480×800 pixels. Here especially the flashing angle stability is very annoying, because the colors tip even with smallest angles. Inside is a Snapdragon 200, which pulses with 1.2 GHz. For everyday tasks performance is sufficient even with light used and the user however should expect some significant delays in app calls. The camera, however, is quite good for the 80-euro class. The recordings have only simple snapshot quality, we would have not expected here but also much more.

Archos 40 Cesium: Alternative

With currently around 72 euro Is that Nokia Lumia 530 dual SIM something cheaper at almost identical performance. When it comes to battery life, the Nokia Lumia 530 40 cesium but the ARCHOS is inferior.