Applications Recommended for Android (XIV): Engadget Mobile Market

Already exceed the Seventy recommended apps in our particular market applications. We are going with four more today, but not before giving you a xatakaconsejo: head on over to catch some of these fantastic ten applications of payment for only ten cents, a gift from Google to celebrate discharges in the Android Market.

That said, if you are still here are going to what we were: today we recommend an application to carry your physical activity metrics, one to make the shopping list and a couple of games that require us to use the head.

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

Endomondo is the personal trainer fuller from the Android Market. It has a free version that records any activity we do outdoor activities (duration, distance, speed and calories), and one payment that adds graphical analysis of our activity among many other options.

If you want to supplement this app with other health and wellness for Android, don’t forget to check out our Engadget Mobile Market Special Edition to get in shape.

Endomondo Sports Tracker pro health and well-being

  • Developer: Endomondo
  • Price: 0.10 euros (limited offer)
  • Download it in: Android Market

Out of Milk Shopping List

Out of Milk is a simple application for make the shopping list. It also allows us to carry our pantry inventory to find what need us when it comes to go to the supermarket.

It can be used as list of pending tasks (to-do list), but includes specific features to bring the shopping list as products scan, history of prices … an interesting option if it is what you are looking for.

Out of Milk Shopping List purchases

  • Developer: Capigami
  • Price: Free (version “ pro ” 3,50 EUR)
  • Download it in: Android Market

Where ’ s My Water?

Where ’ s my water? o Where is my water? It is a game of Disney that arrives from iOS to extend the addiction. Using your finger, we have to bring clean water to the Swampy shower pipe.

Under a caricature and child aesthetic we find increasingly difficult levels that give many hours of entertainment.

Where ’ s My Water? Brain & puzzle

  • Developer: Disney
  • Price: 0.73 euros
  • Download it in: Android Market


Another game to use the brain, with graphics and the physics simulation that puts directly on top of the Android Market. «Build a complex machine to perform a simple task», I think that with that explanation enough.

Brain & puzzle apparatus

  • Developer: Bithack
  • Price: 2.07 euros
  • Download it in: Android Market