Amazon, Facebook and Its Possible Foray into The Field of Mobile Telephony. Galaxy Engadget Mobile (From 21 to 27 November)

As usual, we closed the week glancing at the panorama sector in our blogger Galaxy Engadget Mobile. A week putting the finishing with the kick off to the holiday campaign marked by special offers “Black Friday” or “Black Friday”, Anglo-Saxon tradition that increasingly has greater impact through the network.

  • But hopefully, in discretion, black it take some companies operators in view of the results of an analysis carried out in Moviltoday the profit margins obtained by each of the main operators with own network, taking into account only costs in telecommunications. According to the conclusions drawn, it is not surprising that our country cope continuously the first positions in the reports on the high cost of mobile telephony in Europe services.
  • To make a difference in this aspect, we have a good number of MVNO’s on the market that are busy to cope with a more than remarkable reduction in the cost of services in the face of end customer. Pepephone, following its policy of agreements with different communities of users for the creation of new rates. In this case is Windows Phone in Spanish community of My mobile Windows Since the new “rate without Animal”, gets underway with a cost of 7 cents per minute and without call set-up, provided this is less than a minute. Exceed it, the cost per minute remains the same, including in this case 15 cents of cost by the establishment of a call, which if included would be
  • And speaking of Christmas, will have them because they are making plans for the next bridge of the Constitution or, in the best of cases, for a few days of holiday taking advantage of the end-of-year festivities. In this case, The free Android It shows an interesting option with the browser free navfree, for which does not need connection of data continuously, can store the necessary maps to an external memory card.
  • Goponygo leave an interesting analysis on the implications that would have the Amazon raid in the field of smartphones, as a result of the incessant rumors in recent weeks that take for sure this made after the success of his readers of electronic books, in addition to the acclaimed Kindle Fire on their pages.
  • Before the irruption in the markets of phones such as the ChaChaCha HTC or Motorola Motokey, with a clear orientation of dedicated to social networking site Facebook use, together with the rumor that puts the Taiwanese HTC working side by side with the company of Mark Zuckerberg for the marketing of a terminal that we have heard under the code name of HTC Buffy , the blog Cooking Ideas brings us another interesting analysis on the pros and cons in case of become a reality a genuine Facebook Phone.

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