Amazon Confirms That The Motorcycle and 4G Sale Today for 129 Euros

Motorola remains convinced that present few terminals with incremental improvements affecting about experience is the winning horse, and Lenovo does not seem to disagree. The Moto E 4G arrives today itself and not only in the form of advertisement, but that we can already find it on sale.

The Motorcycle and 4 G is at Amazon in its two common versions by color, white and black by 129 euros. At the moment still do not appear available for purchase, but Amazon confirms that It will be released today without any reservation or pre-purchase.

Update: the Moto E 4G has finally left after expected, but is now available in the links above.

The chosen price is around ten euros higher than that did the original in its release, although it is now available for quite less, and comes without any waiting. Today for these lines with a very good chip in the hands of Qualcomm: Snapdragon 410, with LTE Cat.4 and 64-bit.

A good blow of immediacy, said and done. Of course, kids motorbike Maker does not end there, but are those two colors of base we have for our phone, and can add bands of protection and covers that will be available in various colors.

That Yes, we must take into account that this bike E is different from the original, since its screen is slightly larger. This is why, even though they have used some space with the withdrawal of one of the speakers, not they will be worth a model covers another and will have to be vigilant.