How to Choose Your Cell Phone

The cell phone you use in recent years comes to the soul. You must replace it. But which device to choose? What type of coverage? What contract? And what are the risks of use?

The choice of the device

The first step is to choose your phone based on its use. Here are some questions that will guide you in your choice.

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Smartphone Online Shopping Tips

How to be sure to choose your smartphone before you buy? We must first make sure that it meets your needs established by various criteria. Key.

Choosing the smartphone is something that can sometimes be very complicated. While buying his future companions should be a pleasure, we are so torn by the opinions of those around, the onslaught of marketing professionals with the products of various specialized sites, it becomes a real ordeal.

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Samsung Gear Smartwatch Verizon

New data show that the rumored Samsung “Orbis” hit the market under the name of Gear A

Although the market for smart watches is about to experience a roll with the imminent arrival of Apple Watch, we can not forget Samsung. The South Korean company launched last year no less than six different smartwatch, many of them completely misguided and culminating with the arrival of Gear S last September.Since then, Samsung plans regarding the smartwatch have remained completely hidden and the past MWC15 not helped to reveal them.

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USB Type C Audio Port

While Apple pushes the old jack port to the exit, the organization managing the standardization of the USB port has just formalized Audio Device Class 3.0 standard that allows to recognize the USB Type C port as an audio port. A standardization that goes in the same sense as Apple, leaving Android manufacturers the possibility to separate them as the jack.

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Upcoming Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble team announces that its new smartwatch has already gone into production ready for the end of May

We do not forget the Pebble Time, the last smartwatch presented by the company that has long hung his poster “start-up” to enter and compete with the big ones. This time we bring you good news, as the Pebble team has confirmed that its new device has already entered mass production and will be ready to be sent to the first customers later this month of May.

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How to Choose a Smartphone

There are many references from smartphones available on the market? It becomes difficult to choose the one that best suit its use, depending on whether you are experienced or a beginner user, user frantic or casual, young or old, familiar with new technologies or not? This guide will attempt to guide you in the middle of this jungle.

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Smartphone FAQs

Any operator?

Network operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile) or (MVNO Virgin Mobile, La Poste Mobile, NRJ Mobile…), whatever. The only difference between the two is that the latter use the first network. Learn however the network used and check before purchasing that can be received well from your home and places you usually frequent. It may also be appropriate for each family member choose a different operator. This way you will have a chance to continue to call even when network failure or lack of coverage.

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How to Charge Smartphone Without Electricity

Smartphones today contain all possible options and applications so that this small object that is sufficient to fulfill several functions at once: phone, camera, calculator, pedometer, computer, etc. The only concern with this multifunctionality, as manufacturers try elsewhere again and again to overcome is the battery life which is never enough. It may yet happen that one needs the phone when there is no way to recharge the device. Here, to prevent such cases, ecological and responsible means for recharging smartphones without electricity. It is however noted that these objects below are still at the draft stage but should not yet soon reach the market provided for project holders to raise the money to develop them.

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Buy a Music Player

Greetings, dear readers. Following the philosophy of my good friend Clay, in Flopgames we are developing a series of articles intended seros useful addition to inform. In this case it is the turn to one of the gadgets most massive use of our time: the. Music players And these objects have been popularizing a lot in the last two decades, because thanks to them we are able to hear our favorite music wherever we are, employing a reasonable size of physical and electronic space. Although his choice does not require a profound knowledge as necessary to choose such as a TV or a computer, it is no less true that some remarks and warnings can benefit by choosing our favorite player, because there are so many brands and styles as utilities want this versatile given object. This is precisely what we intend to analyze in this post, we hope you like it.

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How to Install Android for Smartphone

Android smartphones are now widespread. If at Christmas you just happen to receive one, here’s how to go about the first settings and everything related to the installation of the phone, regardless of its brand:

Ignore the facilities of the brand’s services

When you turn on your Android Smartphone for the first time, it is often required that you create an account or you enter the password. However, it is not always advisable to follow this step since this may delay you in your installation. The only account required for installation of your smartphone Android is a Google account. The other, you’ll see them later if you need it or not.

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10 Tips on How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone service providers offer all of the different packages. Here are a few tips to better choose your future package, whether you buy a new phone.

Once you have chosen your device according to its physical characteristics and its software functions, you need to determine the provider with which you want to do business:

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HTC One M8s Reviews

HTC One M8s is the variant of One M8, introduced in 2015 to continue to pursue the commercialization of previous top range with a model that is positioned in the middle segment of the catalog. It is a device identical to M8 from the point of view of design and construction, but with some differences with regard to the integrated hardware, since SoC, to get to the main sensor camera from 13 megapixels.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

As for build quality and design, the same considerations expressed during the review of HTC One M8. The fine is the same and aluminum monocoque design, also because of a One M9 which this year has not changed, it is undoubtedly present. Safe to wait the same durability and reliability over time we experienced with One M8 even after many months of purchase. Continue reading

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Security Expert Says China Breaks Into US Networks Often

Chinese hackers systematically invade networks and US systems looking for source code, breaches security, research and other innovations, says security expert national Richard Clark in an article published in the Wall Street Journal last Wednesday. According to Clark, the attacks have been going on “for years” and “are becoming more dangerous.”

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Google Earth Displays Images in High-def Even Underwater

In 2009, Google announced a new version of Google Earth with extra functionality. From version 5.0 its users could explore parts of the earth that went beyond the layer of earth, more precisely the seabed. Due to a partnership with National Geographic, they were able to show the program parts in various areas of the four great oceans. And this week the covered areas were expanded and gained a new feature: high definition. Continue reading

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