Great Test of Spring’s Top Models

We hand picked mobile manufacturers ‘ absolute sharpest models right now for a comparison test.

While the SIM cards have become less and less in recent years as it seems to be getting bigger screens on the phones. Samsung Galaxy S series began, for example with a 4-inch display, which is then gradually have become ever larger, and with the latest variation S6 (which we are testing here) is now up in the entire 5.1 inch.

Another clear trend is that manufacturers are putting more and more effort into mobile cameras. While it is easy to focus on the specifications for the cameras in megapixelantal terms, it is the other things that affect the quality at least as much – not least how it is with manual setting options, optics and the size of the sensor. Continue reading

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Test: Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

Do you want to stand out in the crowd, CM1 definitely do work, but don’t expect high-quality images.

It’s probably difficult to find anyone more odd cell phone on the Swedish market today. It definitely looks more like a camera than a phone and so is the design so special that many people who get to see it react and ask “what’s that you got there?”. The design goes in retrokamera-style one can think what you like about. It is clear in any case that the phone is relatively angular and bulky. Weight is significantly higher than all the main smartphonemodellerna today.

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Supertest: Activity Bands

Pedometer on his arm has become commonplace since last year and it’s time to see if they got better over the same time.

When we took a look at the step counter last year was a pretty motley crew in a relatively new segment about to explode. Now a year later, we can see that it is never crass exploded. The roughly four dozen activity bands that appeared at the CES show 2014 led only to a handful of new bands on the Swedish market. Instead, the step counting became something that quickly found its way into the phone with Apple, Google Health and Fit. At the same time, there are almost no smart watch at present not in a position to at least measure your step during the day. Continue reading

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Test: Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Garmin’s top model among triathlon watches has received a great number of small updates which means big change as a whole.

Actually, it is now mostly about artificial differences between Garmin watches when it comes to software. More modern GPS technology, individual sensors and battery size is rather what sets them apart, and the rest is really blocking Garmin themselves set up for there to be any significant difference.

Forerunner 920XT is a great example of that. Apart from a smaller battery and the absence of a pair of sensors, it is basically a cheaper variant of outdoorklockan Fenix 3, but with a little extra software for various boxing-related pieces. Unlike previous devices in the series are the news quite a lot though.

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Duel: Jabra Pulse VS SMS Audio Biosport

Headphones with built-in heart rate monitor is new on the market and we have two early specimens against each other to see how they are doing.

If you would like to read our separate tests by these two headphones you’ll find them at the following links

You are more curious about the chest strap and heart rate measurement you can always check out our miniskola about it all.

If you want a more traditional chest strap, we have recently made a compilation of the bands we tested here.

Important to the headset, both should be comfortable and still stay in place as you move.

Jabra Pulse
Note trick is harder to get fit and to get them to sit comfortably.However, you have both the ear pads and rubber hooks to choose and switch between both manual that the app does a nice job of guiding you through the fit provided you have the patience. The wireless design makes them less sensitive, however, to be taken off during training. Continue reading

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Test: Polar M400

Polar indicates that it is possible to make a sensible and feature-rich sports watch without the need to cost the multum.

It is only now that some sports watches from the other, traditional, manufacturer of fitness watches begun to cross-pollinate their most advanced with a pedometer. Technically, it should not be so difficult, so exactly why is Polar’s M400 a interesting watch in context.

The clock itself looks very easy, which is one of the few indications of its small price tag. Otherwise, there is a GPS and a motion sensor built-in and the rest leans very much against Polar’s extensive experience in building fitness watches.

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Big Test: We Selects Best Workout App

Compete against your friends, get advanced graphs and motivational cheers. We test the apps that make training round a bit easier.

Träningsapparna has been developed. In addition to becoming more and more so, the Giants discovered the value of this training and health. Both Apple and Google want to gather data to help and motivate you in your workout and that no matter what app you’re using. The mobile phone has become a natural companion for jogging round just because fitness app can give you so much back. Coaching, ability to compare yourself with friends and the road become extra encouraged, but also a chance at getting better by analyzing your results at both long and short term. We have tested eight apps that everyone wants to help get you in better shape. Continue reading

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Test: Your Suunto

Suunto continues to wrestle with the Garmin in the class for sports watches that can everything and they manage to actually really good.

Suunto Ambit came in as a direct competitor to the Garmin Fenix-clock in for that time quite new segment to measure the mountain hiking and the like, more time-demanding sports. Almost from the start, however, they had something that Garmin does not a thumb from making till late last fall, namely to include applications in the offer. Continue reading

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Test: Garmin our site

Garmin updates his first chest strap with small details, while they focus on makeup.

Garmin our site was never a beauty among pedometer when it arrived last year, clearly. It won much of their motivational characteristics and to their great battery life at the same time as there was a display of the picture for easier overview, but beautiful was definitely not. There is instead the Vivosmart that actually can be considered very handsome, even though it skips the battery life from our site.

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Test: Sony Xperia E4

The major manufacturers usually have difficulty getting to the successful mobiles at really budget price, but this time, in all cases, Sony managed to pretty good.

In recent years, Sony’s phones seen right the same regardless of price range, but the Xperia E4 sticks out a bit in terms of design. Not necessarily for the positive side, the rounded plastic back cover leads most to mind when all telephones were trying to look like the Iphone 3 g, and were it not for the five inch large screen, a rarity at the time, had been able to take it for a five-year-old mobile. Continue reading

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Test: My D-Link Home Smart Plug

Control the light with D-Links connected plug. But it is a limited history.
D-link’s series of devices for smart home consists at present of a proximity sensor, two cameras (none of the old D-linkkamerorna works of course) and a smart plug. The latter is a wifi-connected plug with built-in electricity meter and thermometer in an almost goofy oversized shell that without being ashamed of themselves covering both connectors on a standard wall socket.
Then it is the same set-up procedure and software to corporate watchdog, we also encounter the same problems here as with the. WPS-mating would not play at all and to not work manual clutch to Android, which is also churning out all sorts of error messages in time and out of season. On the other hand, the Iphone works much better. Continue reading

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Test: LG G Flex 2

Positioned as a phone of top class becomes G Flex 2 more unusual properties immediately more interesting.

When LG G Flex, the predecessor to Flex 2 was launched at the end of 2013, seemed the most as a curiosity. The curved screen, the phone’s flexibility and back where the scratches would disappear by themselves were all interesting, but when they were combined in one great phone with low resolution screen, but impressive performance, and a sky-high price it immediately became less exciting. Since none of specialegenskaperna was something we were willing to pay extra for felt G Flex mostly as a marketing ploy by LG, a display of what was possible, rather than practical.

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Test: My D-Link Home Motion Sensor

D-Link re-invests in the smart home, but all is not right out of the cabins.

D-Link was the early out with surveillance cameras that could be controlled via your mobile phone. The main settings still needed to be done via a computer, but for the days when they were released they definitely worked best on the market. In addition to some updated cameras, it has not happened much from their hold, until now.
Mydlink Home called their new venture, as the first wave consists of two cameras (the former is obviously not compatible) a Plug and a motion sensor. Continue reading

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Test: Parrot Jumping Sumo

The surprise effect of the victims is probably what is most pleasing with the jumping little sumo ball.

Only when I get Jumping Sumo is I had to wait for it to load. It will later prove to be a common nuisance. While the battery in the ball is loaded I to prepare your phone. The right app to be downloaded and then I am ready. The app is of course free of charge and as soon as Sumo is loaded and started, it creates a local WLAN to control joining to control the device.

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