CCTV Cameras

There are many different systems of CCTV cameras available, analogue and digital, with and without cable, and its modus operandi vary. Continue reading

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Technology Innovation for the Elderly

Older use the internet, but are still left aside by tech giants; evolution of resources can leverage creation of new mother lode of market for startups.

The elderly Brazilians are increasingly connected: no less than 5,200,000 people above 60 years old have internet access in the country–21% of the population that is in the third age. That’s what reveals a recent survey of Locomotive Institute, led by Renato Manning (ex-date).

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Trends and Style

Also in the new year I have planned to publish the Lifestyle Sunday every Sunday. In this you and the other readers of the blog find trendy trends, stylish clothes, cool sneakers, elaborate accessories and a lot more. Just everything I stumble over the course of the week so.

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A Green Android Sneaks into CES, Invasion Android

This week has taken place one of the most important events of the year, the CES in Las Vegas. As expected, we have seen a lot of new Android devices: Sony Xperia S, SmartWatch, the Z1000 Walkman clock… Some very slender smartphones like the Huawei Ascend P1, others more balanced as the Lenovo LePhone S2 or the new range of seven-inch Asus tablets. All this without forgetting, of course, Google TV. Continue reading

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Microsoft Office on Your IPad, Free Calls and Services Zombies, Galaxy Engadget Mobile

We return, one week, to the review of highlights from the mobile news in the Spanish blogosphere. A week of movidito, as you can imagine, after the long day that resulted in CES.

A new competitor for Skype and Viber, Microsoft Office and Windows 7 virtualized on your iPad, or a review of telephone services in “zombie” State are our recommendations Galaxy Engadget Mobile This week. Continue reading

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400,000 Applications on Android Market, The CES Nears, The Invasion Android

We begin the 2012 with force. Note that CES is right around the corner and that soon we will see new smartphones and tablets. At the moment, to three days that start the Sony fair shows us images of what could be a new phone of the Xperia Arc range. In addition, LG and Samsung and Sony have announced that they will present their televisions connected to Google TV. Continue reading

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Is It Late for a WhatsApp Managed by Operators? The Question of The Week

Instant Messaging as whatsApp has been the service most popular has been made during 2011 and its advantages have not only made the number of SMS messages down greatly, if not that also helps on many occasions to save avoiding voice calls. And to verify it, mobile Internet use soared on Christmas Eve while SMS descended according to Telstra. Continue reading

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Android WINS at Christmas, a Handful of Applications to End The Year, The Invasion Android

Android, and their devices, have been one of the gifts star This Christmas. Good they testify to the 3.7 million activations that have occurred between the 24th and 25th of December. If at this time you have released a mobile or a tablet take a look at our beginners guides to learn how to take the first steps. Continue reading

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Lotteries, Animals and Different Tambourines, Galaxy Engadget Mobile Special Christmas

HOW HOW HOW!! (how much how much)!Merry Christmas, friends! Surely at this hour will be this hungover (Christmas, of course) that will not have the body for great reading, but at Engadget Mobile we are animals of habit, and we cannot without reviewing what more “flowery” mobile blogging or on a particular day like today. Forgive us.

Of course, today we will focus on more Christmas publications that have compiled several of the most important sites in Spanish throughout this week: Christmas Apps, Apps to know if you touched the Lottery, several jueguecicos, “innocent” bugs and family atmosphere on all four sides. Do step into our Galaxy mobile Engadget more festive version. Continue reading

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Engadget Mobile Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Day after day, that we are the team of this humble blog, we sat front to the computer to try to capture, with the best of our intentions and much effort, more rabid today surrounding an industry that moves fast, generating a huge amount of information that should be carefully analyzed. Continue reading

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700,000 Daily Activations, Analyze The Galaxy Nexus, The Invasion Android

Galaxy Nexus It has reached our hands in Xataka Android and we are already looking at it: we have talking about its basic aspects, the hardware and operating system. In addition seen as Samsung was one of lime and sand: on the one hand be updated Galaxy SII and the Note While it will leave outside terminals as S. However always the ROMs, leaves us both for this and for the Galaxy Ace. Continue reading

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Is It Too Late to Lower The Price of SMS and MMS? The Question of The Week

This week the CMT has announced its intention to study the evolution of the prices of SMS and MMS messages in 2012 to undertake activities that contribute to improving existing offerings, given the disproportionate and similar cost between traditional operators.

Obviously any rebate that is always coming will be well received especially for those who do not hire a data rate and can not benefit from alternatives to instant messaging as WhatsApp but why now? Continue reading

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Bells Christmas, Comparative, Retrospectives of End of Year and The Mathematics of Einstein Applied to Mobile Telephony. Galaxy Engadget Mobile (From 12 to December 18)

Again, one Sunday more, in Galaxy Engadget Mobile We do our usual overview of the web landscape of our industry, directing our attention to some of the best articles published throughout this week that already touches to their end.

Similar to the year, which now enters its final stretch with the Christmas festivities. More than enough reason to make a small retrospective of applications to enjoy in our moments of leisure, or analyze the possibilities at our disposal to renew our mobile device. Continue reading

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Nexus S Was Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, Applications to Galore, The Invasion Android

Good news for the holders of the Nexus S. Google has begun to update the terminal via OTA to Ice Cream Sandwich. If you want to tinker, Sony Ericsson has released an Alpha for their new Xperia and Samsung has done the same with the Samsung Galaxy SII. However these two versions are far from being functional so upgrade at your own risk. Continue reading

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