How to Block Unwanted Calls?

How to Block Unwanted Calls

There are all sorts of reasons for blocking a number: an outspoken ex, telemarketers who do not tire of offering you new products and services, scammers or a relative who calls incessantly to borrow money. But how to block unwanted calls Here are the steps to …

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How do I Hide My Mobile Number?

How do I Hide My Mobile Number

Luckily, if you’re using an iPhone, Android, or even an old cell phone or a landline, there are a few ways to turn off outgoing caller ID to prevent your number from appearing on the handset of the caller. Let’s teach you how to hide your …

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Wi-Fi does Not Connect, What Now?

Wi-Fi does Not Connect What Now

Smartphones and tablets are awesome. Its features and design have surprised many users; but what if you happen to encounter problems with WiFi connectivity on your phone or tablet? Know that you are not the only one because problems with WiFi are quite common. That’s why we have created …

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Program to Recover Files: Dr.fone for Android!

Program to Recover Files Dr.fone for Android

There are many good things about Android, but one drawback is that deleted data is very difficult to recover. However, things have changed and many companies have developed efficient programs and apps for data recovery. One such company is Wondershare , which did a great job for Android data …

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