YouTube for Android: How to Choose How Many Seconds like to Rewind or Forward Easily

Just a couple of weeks to YouTube for Android activated globally a little trick that makes life much easier: the possibility of rewind or fast forward a video making a double-tap one of the sides of the video.

This little trick is present on YouTube since version 11.47, by moving the position of the video forward or backward 10 seconds. Now, with version 12.05 is possible to modify How many seconds to move the video. Continue reading

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How to Configure The Do Not Disturb Android Mode

When you do not want that nobody bothered us, or we want to be disturbed as little as possible, we can use some of the options offered by the Android operating system with its mode Do not disturb.

Premiered at 5.0 Android Lollipop as priority interruptions and improved in 6.0 Android Marshmallow with new modes, we will learn all the secrets of the do not disturb mode the latest version of the operating system. Continue reading

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How to Change and Set Default in Android Applications

It tends to be very common to have several applications of the same type, such as various Web browsers, editors of images, media players or applications of SMS to cite some examples, installed on our Android device and the most normal thing is that we want that you for certain actions a given application will be opened by default.

So the Android operating system allows us to configure the default applications so we don’t have to be selecting between all of our applications which open at all times. Continue reading

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How to Manage and Cancel Your Subscriptions from Google Play

Increasingly there are more applications that are passed to the model of payment for subscription. They allow you to download your application but to enjoy all its services and functions you have to pay subscription which normally tends to be monthly or yearly. Now just leave payment applications.

Services like Google Play Music, Google Drive, Netflix or applications like Evernote, Pocket or Pushbullet, to name a few, use Google Play subscriptions. Therefore, each time is more normal to have one or more active subscriptions. That is why we are going to tell How to see all your subscriptions from Google Play and how to change your method of payment, cancel them and request a refund. Continue reading

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How to Have Rounded Corners on The Screen of Your Android

Although most of the Android phones have a rounded body, the screens – at least the illuminated part – still square corners in the vast majority of cases (an exception, to be confirmed, would be the LG G6).

Luckily, this is Android so you can do almost what you want with your mobile. What like rounded corners? Because you have rounded corners. Today we’re going to tell how to achieve this aesthetic detail using Cornerfly, a new application for Android. Continue reading

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How to Play Pokemon GO with Root

With the new update of Pokemon GO they have paid just for sinners. Niantic to try to curb the traps not has occurred them to better idea that make your game with rooted devices, incompatible with what you’re Pokemon GO root will not work if you, or other…

As not everyone who made root on your device traps – the majority that rootea your device is to enjoy more customization options, not for cheating in games – let’s see How can we play Pokemon GO with your Android device rooted.

Before continuing, let that Xataka Android not be responsible for any damage that may result in your device this tutorial, always there is a risk that something goes wrong, so is the user who decides to take the risk. Continue reading

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The Difference between Erase Data and Clear Cache in an Android App?

When our Android device warns us that it is running low on space invites us to enter your settings to free up space as soon as possible, the lack of storage starts to negatively affect the proper use of applications.

When we enter to Settings > storage, We see different sections to begin to free up space, as for example deleting pictures, videos, audio files, clear the cache or manage storage applications. This last is what we’ll see in detail below.

We can access the storage of applications from Settings > storage > applications or from Settings > applications, Select an application and the information sheet we go to Storage. Continue reading

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How to Destroy Your Telegram Account If You Do Not Log in Some Time

If you are using Telegram frequently, you probably worry you what will happen If your data from falling into the wrong hands. Finally and after all, unlike WhatsApp, it is a service based on the cloud in which you can fast-forward in time to consult all your message history, years.

Telegram has several functions to minimize this problem, as it is the protection of the chats by a code of access and verification in two steps, but includes other more peculiar function: the Automatic delete chats after a period of inactivity. Continue reading

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How to Recover Photos Deleted in Android

When was the last time you imprimiste photos and placed them neatly in an album? If the answer to this question is “does more than five years” then it is very likely that your mobile store tons of unforgettable memories in your gallery. And if one day you lose your precious photos?

All has happened: at dismissal or due to software error some or all our pictures have vanished like tears in the rain. Do not despair, there are several techniques and applications that you can use to recover your precious photos and videos deleted. Continue reading

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How to Clear The Cache of Android and What We Get with This

When you install an application from Android not always it will occupy the same storage in our device, this will gradually occupying more space because of the temporary files that it is generating with daily use.

These temporary or residual files are the our Android cache memory, and they serve so that the applications go faster by not having to download again all the files and information you need every time you open an application.

The problem with this is that the cached data may become over time to overcome the gigabyte of storage, and for this reason It is recommended to do periodically cleaning of the cache to free space, Since not all applications go deleting those files then never will need more. Continue reading

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How to Set Your Newly Released Android

Surely fashion give smartphones that years ago starring these times has cooled a bit, but the truth is that the holidays are still the weeks of the year in which more new phones are activated, such devices have a relatively short life cycle about 20 or 24 months.

Be that as it may and whatever the reason, today there many Xataqueros with brand new Android phone, so we could not pass up the opportunity to try to give you a cable with this mini-guide in which you will find many of the basic tips for fine-tuning your smartphones as soon as you bring forth them of the shell. Continue reading

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How to Create Reminders in Facebook Messenger

You’re talking with your friends on Facebook Messenger when you decide keep for later. “On Friday, if that”. OK, “Let’s see if I remember, I write and we were.” But you never write. Your friends are bad people or perhaps very forgetful. If it is the latter case, Facebook Messenger can help you.

Now they are are Messenger games, but the overcrowded bar Facebook Messenger Tools has more games, sending photos, stickers and GIF animated. You can also send simple reminders to that or to you or the other person is you pass a special event. Continue reading

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How to Broadcast Live Video on Instagram

After many years that Instagram had photos, and is already, has lately stepped on the application property of Facebook is raiding yet for turn it slowly and without that realize in Snapchat. If it was not sufficiently clear with the arrival of the Instagram Stories, now come live videos and pictures disappearing.

Today it is possible to broadcast live from a lot of platforms: Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube are some of them, and now joins the list Instagram. Now, where is the option to broadcast live? How is it used? Continue reading

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So in Chrome Dev Can Put Down The Window Address Bar

Some conventions of design applications that we use every day are so because “they have always been so”. Sometimes they’re configurations inherited from their ancestors, such as for example the version of Google Chrome desktop. Why is it the address bar, and the buttons, above? Chrome has always been this way.

But may not be so forever. The most cutting-edge development versions (Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary) have a new mysterious flag, or so-called semi-hidden configuration option Google Home that moves the address to the bottom bar window. Continue reading

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